CRM – A Model to Track Your Customers

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become an effective and strong tool to manage and monitor the organization’s key stake holders – its CUSTOMERS. Lately, this tool has drawn the attention of the leading corporations around the globe as in this era of competition; none of the business would like to lose even a single Lead of business growth. Each and every current and future customer holds highest priority in the businesses. Hence, tracking down the leads, contacts, potentials and activities has become the need of the hour.

The exposed Tool
The various modules that form the core of the CRM tool are – Marketing, Sales, Customer Service & Support, feedback and Scheduling & Monitoring. These core modules can be split further into vast sub-modules that are easy to use and monitor. Depending upon the need and size of the companies, the CRM tools can be easily customized and implemented. But before implementing the CRM, the business must understand that the CRM is meant to create a “single view of the customers” and hence, business must have a clear vision of its clients and their expectations. Due to a huge demand, there are lots of CRM solutions available in market today, but, effectively choosing and customizing the tool is the key to success of the business. As per the recent survey from Gartner, in 2013, European companies’ budget for CRM remained strong despite of the volatile economic environment across the region. The clear reason behind the trend was the organizations' commitment to improving the management of their customer relationships and to stay strong on the customer satisfaction index.

Effective data organization a must in CRM

Be it a Lead or a potential, every single data point in CRM must be correctly mapped and utilized. Year on year, companies have started increasing the budget of CRM solutions for the customers’ management and have started spending fortunes on equipping and training sales and marketing executives with the CRM solutions. But, a CRM is an effective and efficient tool only if the customer’s data is highly streamlined and secured. While choosing a CRM, data flow and data security should be the top priority of the organizations. A CRM will do no good if the marketing executives are unable to generate a clear report on the “Leads” they have generated in the last week and the leads that have become “Potentials” this week. The data management should be backed up by the reliable and robust security measures as for any company; customer’s data is like a priceless treasure that competitors are regularly hunting for. Also, it is extremely important to build a confidence in your sales and marketing team about the CRM they use and the ease the CRM offers to its users.

Dean Infotech CRM Solution
The market researchers and developers at Dean Infotech have put in years of research and experience to design and develop a user-friendly, scalable and robust CRM solution. Every minute details related to the customers were studied and analyzed in detail before developing the Customer Relationship Management application. The complete solution is having various modules – Lead, Potential, Accounts, Contacts, Activities, Products, Service requests etc to cover the length and breadth of customer’s operations at an organization. Immense attention was given to the security measure behind the product to safeguard the client’s information. The major benefit of the solution is its ease of use and quick customizations. Today, with an ever increasing demand, Dean Infotech’s CRM solution is successfully being used at various companies in India.

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